Whereas capital planning is generally the first phase of our engagement with clients, transaction management is most often the second. Once a financial plan is in place, we work with you to execute each individual financing in line with your goals and objectives.

Our general philosophy regarding your financing objectives is that they are fundamentally unique, but embody the following threshold principles to which we adhere when assisting our clients:

  • Minimize debt service costs given your objectives and risk tolerance,
  • Maintain flexibility to refinance or restructure debt,
  • Limit administrative costs and portfolio management time,
  • Minimize credit enhancement costs and/or external liquidity requirements,
  • Manage debt on a portfolio versus project basis, and
  • Embody institutional preferences as to global direction of portfolio.

First Tryon will work diligently throughout the financing process to protect your best interests while also managing the transaction on your behalf. We prepare all of the necessary financial analysis to make the most informed decisions, every step of the way. We understand that issuance of debt is only one portion of your job responsibilities and we manage the transaction to assure the most efficient use of your time.