Long term capital planning is the critical first step to any debt issuance process and we believe our approach sets us apart from our competition. Traditional advisory firms require months of staff time to refine a plan of finance, while only considering a select few financing scenarios to evaluate. But without the long term plan, you may be faced with unexpected or unwanted results that impact your ability to fund future projects.

We built our capital planning model to allow clients the ability to develop a better funding plan while spending less time and money. Our model lets you evaluate the impact of a financing plan on any variable you wish to explore. Whether it's tax / customer rates, fund balance, financial ratios / policy compliance, credit ratings or peer comparisons, our tool gives you the answers you need as quickly as you can ask the question. The benefits are significant, allowing you to, among others:

  • Evaluate financing alternatives
  • Stress test a financing plan
  • Understand impact to tax / customer rates
  • Understand impact to credit ratings
  • Educate governing board members and other stakeholders
  • Build consensus on priority of projects and use of resources
  • Maintain compliance with financial policies
  • Project financial statements

The model is interactive and dynamic, and we believe will change the way you plan for capital projects.