Offering treasury management consulting services is a direct result of our desire to add greater value to our clients in an increasingly complicated and changing industry. Many of the clients we work with have needs that were being unmet by the traditional advisory platform, having questions such as:

  • How much cash do I need to hold and how much does that leave me to invest?
  • Are the fees I'm being charged by my bank reasonable?
  • What interest rate should my bank be paying me for my cash deposits?
  • What are my available investment options, and which options are prudent for my institution?
  • Are there other banking products available which we're not currently using, or are not offered by my bank?
  • What fraud prevention tools are available?
  • What products do banks offer that can make my staff's lives easier?

Our team will work with you to answer the questions outlined above while developing a plan to accomplish your strategic goals and objectives. After evaluating whether an opportunity exists to improve upon your current banking experience, we will help you develop a request for proposals which will provide market pricing and product information to you and your team. We will coordinate with banks, manage the information flow (which reduces the burden placed on your staff), summarize the responses, and make presentations / recommendations to you and your board.

You're under no obligation to transition to a new banking partner, but you'll have the information required to know whether you should.