Arizona Industrial Development Authority
Health Care Facilities Revenue Bond
(OneBlood, Inc. Project)
Series 2022

Taxable Term Loan


OneBlood, Inc. is a Florida charitable organization dedicated to the recruitment, collection, processing and distribution of blood and blood products to meet the needs of its community.  OneBlood is an innovative, forward-thinking blood center that is leading the industry in providing safe, available and affordable blood products to our hospital partners and their patients. The service area of OneBlood includes the State of Florida, parts of southern Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Alabama.

Project Overview

Proceeds of the Series 2022 Bonds will be used to fund the acquisition and refurbishment of a new facility located in Charlotte, North Carolina to be used for blood laboratory, a blood processing and distribution facility, related operations and administrative offices.

Proceeds of the Taxable Term Loan will be used to fund the purchase of a blood processing and distribution facility located in Jacksonville, Florida and to pay costs of issuance.

Financing Overview

Both the Series 2022 Bonds and the Taxable Term Loan were issued under OneBlood’s existing Master Trust Indenture and were structured to wrap around its existing Series 2020 Bonds. Both tranches are interest-only through 2043 and amortize thereafter through 2052 to approximate an aggregate level debt service structure.

The Series 2022 Bond and Taxable Term Loan closed on schedule on June 24.