Financial Advisory Services


First Tryon Advisors was started in 2009 for the purpose of helping our clients achieve their financial objectives. Our clients are each unique, requiring a tailor-made strategy based on their individual goals and needs. We accomplish this through analyzing, evaluating and implementing the most cost-effective, risk-appropriate financing solutions the capital markets have to offer. We will always provide complete transparency and ensure each client is treated fairly and respectfully. Our diverse client base includes governmental issuers, corporate clients, and not-for-profit clients in the health care, senior living and higher education sectors. To fully meet our client’s needs, we focus on providing several fully integrated services including:

  • Independent financial advisory services for governmental and not-for-profit clients with no conflicts of interest.
  • Integrated debt and derivatives advisory services to governmental, higher education, healthcare, senior living, and non-profit borrowers.
  • Dodd-Frank mandated Qualified Independent Representative (QIR) Services for governmental issuers.
  • Derivatives advisory services to not-for-profit, corporate, and real estate clients.
  • Proactive monitoring of existing debt and derivative portfolios allowing us to identify cost saving opportunities as markets change.
  • A simple and transparent process to access the underwriting and direct lending capabilities of our vast network of investment and commercial bank contacts.
  • Access to real-time data on pricing, volume, and demand allowing us to substantiate bond pricing.

At First Tryon Advisors, our emphasis is on the individual client relationship. We examine the existing debt and anticipated borrowing needs of each client to provide tailored solutions from the myriad of financing alternatives in today’s capital markets. Every advisor at First Tryon has experience at an investment/commercial bank and is a fully registered representative of First Tryon Securities. We bring a renewed level of comfort and transparency to a historically opaque market, thus assuring that our clients are achieving optimal capital solutions. By not underwriting debt, we avoid promoting any one product or provider over another. Our access to live in-house pricing systems means we do not rely on investment banks or other advisors.

If this level of individual attention and integrity resonates with you, we would welcome the opportunity to provide additional information on our advisory services.